SMO Is Not The Same As SEO

There is no question social media has transformed the way people communicate, gather information, and also how consumers make decisions about purchases. With that in mind, you have to get your information out there where they will see it. Not only where they can find it, but in a format they will respond positively to. That is where SMO services come into the picture.

It is important to understand this isn’t the same as SEO. While you can hire the same provider to handle the tasks, you need to have distinctive information about the SMO services they are providing for you. The two should be tracked separately so you can find what may need to be improved to get a better response from your target audience.

The biggest difference is SEO is geared towards getting consumers to take a look at your webpages. To do this, it often focuses on improving your placement on the search engine results after users type in a keyword or phrase. With SMO services, the focus is on growing your online presence and reputation with the use of various branches of social media.

Common Outlets

The branches on the SMO services tree continue to grow and expand all the time. Social media isn’t a passing trend, it is here to stay and it is always going to have change and improvements along the way. Some of the common outlets that allow you to reach your niche marketing include Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. There are many others but those are the top ones.

While some consumers have all three of these types of accounts they access daily, others only have one or two of them. It is a personal preference as is the amount of time people spend in their news feeds. Some people can spend hours per day on social media sites and others barely glimpse at them. The goal is to get your business to be familiar to them as well as interesting.


It takes a great deal of time for any business to successfully brand themselves in a given niche. It is an ongoing work in progress that involves both SEO and SMO services to get it established and to keep it going strong for the long haul. At the same time, such services can help to generate more practical leads. Often, those leads turn into sales so it boosts your overall conversion rate.

Word of Mouth

No form of marketing out there, no matter how much you pay for it, will ever be as valuable as word of money. When potential consumers hear about your products or services from someone they are acquainted with vial social media, it is gold in their eyes. That is a real person they have a connection to, not just some random review they stumbled upon on the internet.

Effective SMO services allow that word of mouth to continue to grow and circulate. People are curious when they see others talking about a particular business or items they offer. They want to find out for themselves what all the buzz is about and how they can benefit from it too. They don’t want to be left and not have that product or service that so many are excited about.

Provider Services

To really gain with SMO, you need a professional to work with. You need much more than just optimization and links. You need a practical strategy your business can grow from and consumers will be excited to explore further as well as excited to tell others about. Posting content and inviting them to look at what you offer is a large piece of making that happen.

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